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Posted: Sept. 21, 2002

I just realized it's been a bit since I've posted anything here. Then I realized, I really have no news to post. I can't really say that I guess, as I have been tied up building this new machine, and building a new webserver. Other than that things are slow... not much learned lately, but I've been pumping out some graphics. I'll keep you all posted!

Posted: Sept. 11, 2002

Just an FYI, this site will be down for a few hours most likely on Monday night. Nothing will be lost, so all your registration info and so on will still be available in the forums, but I'll be upgrading the machine at that point.

Posted: Sept. 8, 2002

With September 11th approaching, I think the majority of the country, as well as a few other countries will be taking the time to reflect. It doesn't really matter who you are, or what you were doing when the tragedy struck, or even how directly it affected you. What matters the most is that we all went through it together. Our hearts all went out to those who were touched more directly by the sensless act, and everyday it's something that if even for a split second, enters our minds. So as important as it is to reflect, and to pray for those lost, it's equally important to revell in the knowledge that we came out of it as a much stronger union, and that we've all learned how to cope with an event like this with such strength and unity.

My prayers still go out to those touched by this disaster, and I pray everyday that we never have to face something like this again.

God Bless America!

Hopefully you havent wasted anytime getting to this site, because unfortunately, I have very little to offer you for your trouble. Basically my purpose with this site is to learn, and try new things. Yeah, Ill admit, theyll be some cool things on here that you may appreciate. Theres a pretty cool forum, for instance, as well as some custom graphics. And who knows, if were lucky you might actually get to learn something from what Ive been working on. I have tons of domains, but none really that I can play with safely, so thats why I picked this one up.

I want to take a second and make a note here: Theres a few people that have really played a key role in not only teaching me, but really making me want to learn the stuff that Ill be experimenting on this site. The first would be Sean, a.k.a. MrPoop. This guys forgotten more than Ive learned in the past 5 years that Ive been doing computer stuff. Next, would be Noah, a.k.a. aRc. Hes another one that is very clear and concise, and very helpful. And the third would be Alex, a.k.a. Vidar. The three of these people do a lot of this kind of work, and have been more than happy to answer my silly little questions, and show me how to do things when I get stuck.

Another kind of inspiration I have is my best friend Paul. I get to practice a lot of stuff on him, because he patiently listens to me ramble on and on about what I am doing, and actually makes me feel like Im getting somewhere.

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